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Hello from DR Congo!

We support Dr Francesca Elloway in Aru

When I applied to Church Mission Society in 1991, I did not feel a calling to a particular country or continent. I was happy to leave the choice of location in God’s hands. I wanted to be involved in healthcare within a community rather than in a hospital and the opportunity in Aru fitted in with this. My primary role is as a medical advisor in Aru diocese where I am involved clinically, particularly with patients with palliative care needs or with chronic diseases.

 This role also includes teaching and supporting my colleagues, particularly in management and administrative issues. In addition, I have become increasingly involved in palliative care outside Aru though a link with Hospice Africa, Uganda, with whom I work in developing and supporting palliative care in other African Francophone countries through teaching and visits.

My Call

I felt God starting to call me to serve him overseas many years before I went overseas as a long term mission partner. This sense of calling grew as I undertook various short term placements overseas.

My Role

As medical adviser in the Diocese of Aru, I’m involved in clinical work, teaching, advising colleagues and developing palliative care.

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I was brought up in London and initially trained and worked as a physicist for 10 years before studying medicine. Part of the reason for this career change was the beginning of my calling to work overseas. After training as a GP, I worked for a few years in Bristol and helped for short periods in hospitals in India, Swaziland, Kenya and Pakistan. 

I arrived in Aru in 1994. For around 17 years I was coordinator of the Church’s medical work in the Aru area. I gradually handed over leadership, freeing me up to pursue my interest in palliative care. I undertook a two-year distance learning diploma in palliative medicine from Cardiff University and started to introduce the concepts of palliative care locally. This has developed to include running a home-based palliative care service and working with the Church and medical colleagues to provide holistic care.